Product Overview

Living Apartment’s aim is to provide healthy solutions to the complexities of city living.

Even though our products, will be of great benefit to most people, we feel that bringing life to the concrete jungle, as typified by apartments, is our point of focus eg you don’t have to have a quarter acre block to grow your own food, in fact growing in pots and boxes can be a lot more efficient in time and resources, especially considering the water restrictions often necessary in most regions of our country.
LivingApartment has been researching and developing solutions for small space living for the last 15 years.

The first product that we have brought to market is our patented stainless steel plant support system that will allow you to attach self watering planter boxes and pots, perfectly level, to any surface ie balcony railings, fences, walls, windows etc. We will also be releasing a range of proprietary growing containers that will make growing your own food even easier.

The simplest and most efficient form of home-grown food is short-term salad greens typified by sprouts. We have spent a lot of time fine tuning this process to minimise your time and maximise the nutritious result.

Our latest release is a range of plant stands that support lightweight energy efficient LED lights, allowing you to grow Micro-greens ie salad greens in your lounge or kitchen or wherever you would like to, we call the range IVG short for Indoor Vegetable Garden.