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Note 1Can't ship to Tas or WA quarantine restrictions.
Note 2the 20 KG quantities of seed take an extra week for shipping as we need to get them in from the temperature/humidity controlled warehouse(Red).

Seeds for Sprouting Loose sprouts (i.e. grown in our Sprouting Colanders or jars, you eat the leaf, stem & root). 

Alfalfa (100g-20kg), Broccoli 90+% (100g-20kg) , Broccoli 70+% (100g-20kg), Broccoli Organic, Fenugreek Organic, Fenugreek(100g-20kg)Radish Daikon (100g-20kg)Radish Red Arrow, Lentils Red, Pea Massey Gem(100g-20kg), Chick Pea Organic, Mung Bean(100g-20kg), Red Clover, Kale Red (100g-20kg)

Sprout mix in 4 L Colander (Red Clover, Alfalfa, Broccoli, Kale Red, Radish (Daikon + Red Arrow), Fenugreek)Sprouted Lentils and Massey Gem Pea on top of Microgreens

Seeds for Microgreens/Herb Leaf/Plant

(i.e. grown in a tray, you eat the leaf & stem).

Snow Pea(100g-20kg)Field Pea(100g-20kg), Pea Massey Gem(100g-20kg), Radish Daikon (100g-20kg), Radish Red Arrow, Silverbeet Ruby Red, Beetroot Detroit RedRocket Arugula, Coriander, Kale Red (100g-20kg)Basil Genovese, Basil ThaiCress CurlyWheat Organic, Sunflower

Broccoli Grown as a MicrogreenRocket Arugula Microgreens under LEDBasil from Shop in Round Trays with grill

Seeds for Eating

(i.e. roast, add to cooking, Tea).

Fenugreek(100g-20kg), Fenugreek Organic, Lentils Red, Chick Pea Organic, Linseed/Flaxseed Gold Organic, Sesame seed Organic, Buckwheat seed Organic