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Probiotic Living™ Powder 450gm is a collection of billions of Probiotic ie Beneficial/Effective Micro-Organisms + Fermented Superfoods. A food grade product. Click to hide.

Probiotic Living™ Liquid 1L is a collection of Probiotic ie Beneficial/Effective Micro-Organisms Em. Organic. A collection of 15 different types of living beneficial microbes, not freeze-dried i.e. store at room temperature ready for action, which can be used in a multitude of ways to keep yourself, your family, your pets, your plants, your house and the environment, healthy and clean. Click to hide.

Colloidal Silver, is simply silver ions(single atom of silver minus an electron) and microscopic silver particles(colloids– a small group of silver atoms) produced by electrolysis and suspended in purified water. Ionic component measured at 25 PPM, each batch takes 10 hours. Click to hide.

Azomite (Micronized powder) is a mineral and trace element supplement. It is a very complicated product in the sense that it contains 67 + chemical elements, most in an oxide form along with trace and rare earth minerals. The product is a natural volcanic ash, albeit 30 million years old, it has been subjected to rigorous testing and has been approved for use in large-scale Organic Plant and Livestock production in the US. Click to hide.

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