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Vermiculite - a crushed rock that is heated and forms a popcorn like effect with great aeration and water holding ability, ideal for short-term microgreens, being very clean and easy to spread no fuss. Click to hide.

Azomite (Micronized powder) is a mineral and trace element supplement. It is a very complicated product in the sense that it contains 67 + chemical elements, most in an oxide form along with trace and rare earth minerals. The product is a natural volcanic ash, albeit 30 million years old, it has been subjected to rigorous testing and has been approved for use in large-scale Organic Plant and Livestock production in the US. Click to hide.

Coconut Fibre Compressed Block - 0.7kg makes 8 litres of loose spreadable fibre, the best quality coconut fibre we could find, it comes in a compressed fine cut format, just add water & Probiotic Nutrients.
Unlike some other coconut fibres this has a fine texture without the large clumps of bark, it does have some fibrous material this also makes it ideal for growing vegetables. Click to hide.

Pre-mixed Bio-active nutrients, made of - Probiotics, Seaweed, concentrated Worm-Wee (organic nutrients that have been bio-activated and concentrated using a worm farm. Click to hide.

We take a selection of natural products rich in trace elements and micronutrients and we foment them for several weeks so they become much more bio-available to the plants ensuring you get the most from your sprouts, a mega vitamin pill not to mention all the other benefits of eating the life-giving shoots. You also have the option of having worm we added to the mix to further increase the available nutrients. Most people seem a bit wary of this but this is what I use, but it's your choice. Click to hide.

Probiotic Living™ Liquid 1L is a collection of Probiotic ie Beneficial/Effective Micro-Organisms Em. Organic. A collection of 15 different types of living beneficial microbes, not freeze-dried i.e. store at room temperature ready for action, which can be used in a multitude of ways to keep yourself, your family, your pets, your plants, your house and the environment, healthy and clean. Click to hide.

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