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Seeds for Sprouting Loose sprouts:- ie grown in our sprouting colanders or jars, you eat the leaf, stem & root Select Seed Name:- Alfalfa, Broccoli, Broccoli Organic, Fenugreek,  Radish DaikonRadish Red Arrow, Lentils Red,  ChickPea,

Seeds for Microgreens & Herb Leaf :- ie grown in a tray, you eat the leaf & stem Select Seed Name:- Snow PeaField PeaRadish DaikonRadish Red ArrowSilverbeet Ruby RedRocket ArugulaCoriander , Kale Red, Basil Genovese

Broccoli as a Microgreen

Seeds for Eating :- ie roast, add to cooking Make Tea Select Seed Name:- Fenugreek, Lentils Red,  ChickPea,