Seed Selection

Notethe 20 KG quantities of seed take an extra week for shipping as we need to get them in from the temperature/humidity controlled warehouse.

Seeds for Sprouting Loose sprouts (i.e. grown in our sprouting colanders or jars, you eat the leaf, stem & root). 

Alfalfa, Broccoli (100g-20kg), Broccoli Organic, Fenugreek OrganicFenugreek(100g-20kg)Radish Daikon (100g-20kg)Radish Red Arrow, Lentils RedPea Massey Gem(100g-20kg), Chick Pea OrganicMung Bean(100g-20kg), Red Clover, Sunflower seeds, Kale Red (100g-20kg)

Sprout mix in 4 L Colander (Red Clover, Alfalfa, Broccoli, Kale Red, Radish (Daikon + Red Arrow), Fenugreek)Sprouted Lentils and Massey Gem Pea on top of Microgreens

Seeds for Microgreens/Herb Leaf/Plant (i.e. grown in a tray, you eat the leaf & stem).

Snow Pea(100g-20kg)Field Pea(100g-20kg), Pea Massey Gem(100g-20kg), Radish Daikon (100g-20kg), Radish Red Arrow, Silverbeet Ruby Red, Beetroot Detroit RedRocket Arugula, Coriander, Kale Red (100g-20kg)Basil Genovese, Cress CurlyWheat Organic, Sunflower

Seeds for Eating  (i.e. roast, add to cooking, Tea).

Fenugreek(100g-20kg), Fenugreek Organic, Lentils Red, Chick Pea Organic,