Broadleaf green Basil growing as a Microgreen. Click to hide.

Here we see broadleaf green Basil (Genovese) on the right and Italian purple Basil on the left, they are grown rather densely in micro punnets which sit on the grill of the green sprout tray. Again you start these just in the base of the tray, when the roots start appearing out the base of the punnet you add them to the grill along with the smaller centre lifter tabs. When grown this densely, we recommend to thin them out and then just start cutting the larger leaves. Click to hide.

Broadleaf green Basil (Genovese) seed. Click to hide.

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Basil Genovese


Fast growing broadleaf variety.

Not available for shipping to WA.

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Basil Genovese for Sprouting or Herb  100gm. Fast growing broad-leaf variety. Not available for shipping to WA. 

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330x245mm Tray Kits

Basic kit which gives you everything you need to get started except for the seeds. Click to hide.

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