How to Sprout Lentils

Lentil sprouts, along with the Pea sprouts are the easiest sprouts to grow. We use the Red Lentil as it is larger than the other varieties and has a nicer taste. In the first picture you see the lentils after 2 1/2 days i.e. soaked during the day rinsed clean that night, then left for another day and in the morning soaked again with the organic nutrients then rinsed clean and ready to store in the refrigerator.

…Red Lentils after 2 1/2 days…

The only thing to really remember is just to get rid of the husk and un-sprouted material by gently washing it over the edges of the colander during the rinsing process. This is illustrated in one of the videos in the slideshow below.

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Red Lentils, at about 2 days. Click to hide.

Lentils Red Seed, you can see the redness of the lentil where a few of the seeds have lost their coating. Click to hide.

Red Lentils, after an overnight soak in organic fermented nutrients, rinsed clean allowed to sit at 45° for better drainage for 10 minutes then add the cover. Click to hide.

Red Lentils, here we see lentils after 2 days sprouting being added to a curry base, they are ready to eat at this stage, so just heat up and add your coconut milk/cream some people add some canned tomatoes. Click to hide.

Lentils red after sprouting for approximately 3 or 4 days, personally I like to eat them between day 2 and day 4. Click to hide.

Lentils red add a slight nutty flavour to your salad. Click to hide.

Here you can see I've allowed them to grow a little bit longer than I prefer so I have added them to a stirfry, don't forget when adding sprouts to a stirfry, just do it at the last moment so as not to destroy the live enzymes et cetera contained in live food. Click to hide.

Video - Sprout Storage Fridge

A short video showing how to use the Small Sprouting Colander to store Sprouts in the Fridge. Particularly good system with regard to storing large sprouts that you store in the fridge after a couple of days of spouting e.g. Massey Gem Pea, Lentils and other large bean sprouts. Click to hide.

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Video - Sprout Storage Fridge
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…Slideshow plus Videos of the sprouting process…

Storage in the fridge

When you have the clip on one side it creates an air gap that allows the sprouts to breathe while they are growing, when you rotate the inner bowl with the clip attaching the cover, it now sits flush which stops drying out in the fridge. They will continue to grow very slowly in the fridge for up to 3 weeks the reason for this is that they’ve been soaked thoroughly at least twice in the organic nutrients, so the sprouts are full of resources to stay alive and keep growing at a slower rate.

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